The Sharps Directive: when can we see implementation?

May 24, 2013

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Having written a blog back in March of this year on the very slow progress implementing  the EU directive on the prevention of sharps injuries and the prompt adoption in so-called ‘ Euro sceptic’ Britain, I ponder the reasons why implementation has not taken place in the Republic of Ireland?

While the Health and Safety Authority in Ireland has issued guidance on the directive it still remains unclear when the enabling legislation will be put in place, a phone call last week to the HSA help desk was unable to clarify the matter. In a recent article posted on the Irish Congress of Trade Unions website, Congress Legal Affairs Officer Esther Lynch, urged the government to not only implement the directive, but also to extend it to other workers such as prison officers, refuse collectors and cleaners who may be at risk from sharps injuries.

The real trauma and…

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Why SHEQ Professionals Should Not Rely on Excel and Word for Risk Management

May 20, 2013

In a recent survey (Adoption of Software Tools By Safety Professionals, Health and Safety Review,December 2012) we found that over a third of respondents stated that they use Word or Excel for managing risk.

While Excel and Word are powerful tools in their own right, there are inherent dangers in using spreadsheets and word document only for risk management .

As specialist software developers for the SHEQ industry for the past 11 years we have prepared what we believe are general benefits of using software such as mai™.

The following table presents a summary of the main reasons why SHEQ professionals should not rely on Excel or Word for risk management, and should consider proprietary ‘off the shelf’ solutions (‘software’) to help them manage risk better.

They are our own opinions, but we hope you find them useful.

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To Excel or Not To Excel

To Excel or Not To Excel

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