Workplace clinics are increasing again-but is this good enough to improve OH management?

August 22, 2013

Please see the following interesting article on the rise of workplace clinics in the US.
It is recognising that early intervention in diagnosing and prevent illnesses can have a significant financial benefit for any organisation. This may appear obvious, but it is very surprising how detached occupational health management is from health and safety management within many organisations. Many managers feel that OH related information is off limits, and private only between the patient (employee) and the medical professional. While much of this information is confidential, there is a lot of important data that can and should still be made available to the client (the company paying for the service). Has the recent manual handling training program led to a visible decrease in the company? Get the facts from the OH department. Rather than design general health training programs why not find out which departments are of concern to the OH professionals and then put in place a specific, targeted program that will generate with more effective and visible results.

For truly effective risk management systems there should be a clear link from the risk assessment process to the medical professionals, and clearly defined reporting protocols established between human resources, medical professionals and the health and safety department.
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