New ISO Standards- New tool to make audits simpler and less tedious!

April 9, 2018

The recent alignment of the different ISO standards into the new 10 point format for quality (9001), health & safety (45001) and the environment (14001) is welcome news for auditors and others charged with implementing and maintaining management systems.


Over the past 15 years we have helped numerous organisations in Europe and the Middle East achieve various ISO certifications. We believe and promote that keeping things simple, while not usually easy, is always the best approach. We developed a handbook which explains how to implement and maintain a H&S management system and this is used by students at Diploma and Masters level to learn the skills required for this type of work.


We have just re-launched our mai™ Audit module to make sure that our clients have the best tools available to help them manage risk better. Our audit management software makes auditing and inspections much easier. The feedback for the new module has been great and we are excited to let organisations know that the tool can make compliance much easier.


To celebrate we would like to share with you the chapter in the handbook on how to manage audits effectively. This includes templates to help you get your auditing process up and running quickly and working smoother.

The mai™ module is a tool that can automate this process for you and comes with different standards pre-loaded as required and can also be used for managing EHS inspections. Click here to see some information about the module or contact us to request a demo, trial or to purchase the software.


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