mai™ Case Study: Ergonomic Assessments for a Multinational Pharmaceutical Client

March 5, 2013

The Challenge:

Client needed to conduct an ergonomic survey of all workstations at their facility to ensure that they complied with legislative requirements, and wanted to avoid a ‘tick box’ exercise to merely comply.

The corporate manager had a template for ergonomic assessments that she wished to ensure was up to date and could be rolled out to other sites without requiring additional resources or budget.

Our Solution:

A workstation ergonomics template was designed in the mai™ system, which can be configured to complete both simple and complex risk assessments; help files were added to explain how to answer the question.

mai Workstation Assessment

mai Workstation Assessment



Key Benefits To Client:

A training program for workstation hazards was completed by the relevant personnel. Individual users were then able to log on and create risk assessments for their workstations.

Referring to help files where necessary, users inputted their own answers resulting in enormous time savings for the client and this process helped to reinforce the knowledge acquired from the initial training. 

Depending on their answers, corrective actions were generated and managed using the Corrective and Preventative Action Module on mai™.

A report was printed for each workstation and this was reviewed with the user to ensure the correct information was captured and proposed action items were discussed as required.

Participating in the ergonomic improvement programme helped to decrease the risk of ergonomic injuries and illnesses, which should lead to decreased absenteeism and improved wellbeing.

The corporate manager is able to simply update a single template due to the way that mai™ is configured making the control of ergonomic assessment templates much easier ensuring consistency across the whole company.

The Future:

The corporate manager is now going to add a more specific template to mai™ for ergonomic assessments in the production areas which addresses the adaption of the workplace to the individual (neck flection etc).

For more information about Ergonomics please see our free health and safety Wiki:


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