Dioxins and Food Safety

December 11, 2008

The health concerns associated with exposure to dioxins has been in the Irish Media a lot recently because of the possible recent contamination of Irish pork products with dioxins. Dioxins are mainly by products of industrial processes but are also present in the environment. Dioxins are of concern because of their persistence in the body particularly in fat tissue and their toxic potential. Dioxins tend to accumulate in the food chain and the higher in the animal food chain one goes, the higher is the concentration of dioxins.
Occupational Health Consultant Dr John Gallagher of EHA says that ‘as with any toxic exposures the cornerstone of risk management is appropriate risk assessment and risk control’. It is for this reason that products such as mai™ HACCP are very important in the workplace since it provides a comprehensive food safety risk management and food product traceability tool to try prevent food safety issues arising at any stage in the supply chain.
About 419 types of dioxin-related compounds have been identified but only about 30 of these are considered to have significant toxicity, with 2,3,7,8- tetrachlorodibenzo para dioxin (TCDD) being considered most toxic.
Go to the following link to read more about the health effects of dioxins:

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