Commuting with care

March 22, 2013

Ask About Risk

car accident

Road casualties in Ireland have been falling since official data has been recorded (1959), reaching the lowest level in 2011(Figure A). According to RSA (Road Safety Authority), the number of road deaths per million in 2001 was 107, more than double the number of casualties in 2011, which was 41. In spite of this, there is still much to do, especially by companies as most of these accidents would have been commuting accidents (occurring during travelling to or from work), and we must consider, not only the number of fatalities, but also the number of road injuries (over 7,000 in 2011).

road fatalities

Figure A. Number of roads deaths per million of population in Ireland, 2001-2011

There is a general unfamiliarity about what commuting accidents are which is why, in the majority of the cases they are not reflected in the statistics. Commuting accidents should be considered as occupational accidents

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