mai™ Case Study: Improving Waste Water Licence Compliance and Operational Efficiences

February 16, 2013

The mai™ application suite was selected as a solution to address the unique challenges within this waste water treatment facility. The plant deployed the mai™ Waste Water module to gather real-time analysis of when and where problems were occurring. The various control instruments at the waste water treatment facility (pH, temperature, dissolved oxygen, inflow and outflow volumes) were connected into the PLC network.

Using mai™, the plat was able to effectively capture relevant real time plant performance data, including upper and lower parameters. Leveraging an integrated SCADA application, we were able to capture important trending and visual display of the results. mai’stm ubiquitous web-based front end facilitated easy access to the information required to ensure license compliance and accelerate operational efficiencies remotely from its home office environment, including outside hours security.

Key Benefits To Client
The waste water treatment plant recognized significant benefits from the use of the mai™ application suite. The most significant benefit was the real time visualization of working parameters that allowed plant personnel to view and more importantly respond and correct any impending irregularities. As a result, the waste water treatment is now operating within its license conditions.

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