Standards for Vibration Risk Assessments

April 26, 2009

Occupational hygiene covers all aspects of identification, evaluation and control of workplace health hazards. Vibration is one of these hazards. I wonder how companies are coping with these types of risk assessment. To be more specific, at what stage does measurement replace risk assessment and the use of manufacturer’s data and HSE points etc. At what point should a risk assessment highlight the necessity for measurement? Does the HSA offer any guidelines on this ? The Safety, Health and Welfare at Work(General Application) Regulations 2007,Chapter 2 of Part 5:Control of Vibration at Work states that “If the information is not available, if it is questionable or the estimated exposure looks like it might be above the exposure limit value, consideration should be given to undertaking exposure measurements”. I often find that this information is not available or difficult to obtain. Wondering if anyone had any thoughts ?

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