mai™ Case Study: Improving Resource Usage, Energy Efficiency and Awareness

February 16, 2013

Our Solution: 

This major manufacturer employed the maitm application suite to help effectively manage plant information and gain the intelligence needed to run the plant more efficiently. With mai™, the manufacturer was able to display real time information from production area to office environment and establish standard run rates for filling equipment. PLC code was written to monitor production units per minute. The user friendly web interface of mai™ provided a seamless dashboard for the operator to record reasons for manual stoppages and corrective actions taken.

Key Benefits To Client

Using the mai™ application suite, the manufacturer saved time and money and gained significant efficiencies in the overall management of the plant facility. Specifically, the plant manager now had the ability to measure manual stoppages to the nearest second and categorize them accordingly. All stoppage reasons identified were categorized as quality, operational, IT, Engineering etc. for better focused responses.

Hourly efficiency tables were populated to show daily live performance providing real time intelligence for the plant manager. Also, the plant manager now has the ability to display for supervisors and management actual plant conditions such as stopped /running /cleaning conditions.

An overall increase in production efficiency of 18% was realized during the first 6 months alone. Specific improvement plans to address bottleneck areas were implemented to further improve efficiencies on a continual basis. Remedial actions could be implemented more quickly by Engineering through monitoring of the live data.

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